The well-nourished soil

In the bible Jesus paints the picture of the truly understanding heart, the one of good soil receiving seed deeply so that it will take root, grow, and produce fruit (Matthew 13). I suppose that, if I decide to plant something, I must learn to wait patiently for the fruits of my labor, there are [...]


He is the image of the invisible God

He is hope for those who believe, a mystery to great academics, and a thorn on the side of the Pharisees. He fulfilled forty-four messianic prophecies, as well as three hundred other prophecies that were written more than a thousand years before his birth (no exceptions). The most skeptical and discredited historians, theologians and philosophers [...]

paternity vs. anxiety

It starts with a thought, and then a small pressure in my chest, nausea, nervousness, heavy sweating, hyperventilation, just like that I am overthinking again, super stressed, and just about to have an anxiety attack. I usually have a hard time waiting for things, I tend to worry and over analyse facts trying to understand [...]